Meghann Garmany


Actor. Based in New York City, but always up for adventures.
Proud member of Actors' Equity Association.

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"Meghann Garmany artfully portrays the role of a humble lamp...and yet despite her jerky, android-like movements, and the cold, hard logic of her character…Garmany manages to use those tools as a prism to distill for us a rare example of humanity that’s richer and more heartfelt than we, as real people in the audience, typically feel capable of, making Garmany’s performance truly inspiring to behold. 
In fact, though Garmany is not the Beauty nor the Beast, she manages to steal the show from both of them in the pursuit of her own heroic arc: one guided by love, rebirth, and self-sacrifice." - Kevin Kelleher

"Meghann Garmany’s performance as Only is of particular note – Garmany’s physical comedy, quirky likability and doe-eyed wonder as Only not only bring an upbeat optimism to balance the heavy emotional moments of the show but also make Only standout as the true protagonist of a play where she is neither the defined beauty nor the defined beast."
- Theresa Perkins, My Theatre

On A Map To Somewhere Else

"Natasha (Meghann Garmany) uses a biting wit to mask a deep emotional pain,The actors do a wonderful job of straddling these two worlds, not to mention giving depth to their characters and executing some rather athletic fight scenes. To be sure, these are young actors to watch. In particular, Garmany is superb as the barb tongued Natasha." - Theasy

"It was great seeing Meghann Garmany in another role that really showcased her talent.  Meghann is just naturally funny. She would be someone that I would describe as having “dry humor” and that is something that made her character seem much more likable to me." - Manhattan with a Twist